Gyotaku is a Japanese technique that
    was started in 1862.  The literal
    translation is gyo=fish and
    taku=rubbing.  We all know fishermen
    are notorious for forgetting the way it
    really happened after a long day out in
    the elements.  Gyotaku was a helpful
    way for them to keep accurate records
    of their catches.

    Gyotaku has gained traction as a
    popular nautical art form in the United
    States since the late 1960s.

    Gyotaku is done by inking a fish and molding
    rice paper to the body of the fish to pull off a
    fish rubbing.  While gyotaku is specifically
    fish art, there are many objects found in
    nature that make great art prints.

    We, F.M. Steingress and Cat Wondergem,
    spend a lot of time meticulously preparing
    the fish to get the best quality fish print
    possible.  We use high quality, handmade rice
    paper, and oil based block printing ink.  Most
    of the fish we print are ones we find locally in
    the Low Country of South Carolina.

    Thanks for checking out our website.  Please
    peruse our gyotaku prints and note cards.  
    They make a unique gift that friends and
    family will treasure.  All fish prints are
    originals, NOT reproductions.
Gyotaku Originals
by F. M. Steingress and Cat Wondergem
2316 South Island Rd.
Georgetown, SC  29440
(843) 485-0706
ladyfish gyotaku print
Bluegill gyotaku print
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. Remember that all of our work is unique. While we
may have several "pulls" of the fish you like, each is unique and subject
to prior sale.